Business ecosystem for TRadition and INNOvation (TRINNO) Project

TRINNO brings together partners from Ireland, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia and Spain to achieve an overall objective of promoting competitiveness in EU regions through improving policy instruments for business support systems that focus on applying digital innovation in the local economy.

The overall budget is €1.2m and the project runs for five years . The project is currently in the 3 year knowledge build/exchange phase of the project which will be followed by a 2 year implementation phase.

In areas suffering from effects of the economic crisis, traditional industrial models cannot compete. Partners note the need for a dynamic business support system, helping enterprises and aspiring entrepreneurs to apply benefits of digital innovation (digital manufacturing, Internet of things, big data, etc) to traditional sectors.

Policy makers, business support providers and end beneficiaries (enterprises/aspiring entrepreneurs) will benefit from the TRINNO project. TRINNO lays the foundations for a system to support local economies by taking advantage of digital innovation. A new generation of highly trained business support actors will be able to support a new generation of innovative workers in traditional sectors. A local stakeholder group comprised of Local Enterprise Offices, Local Authorities, Irish Food CoOperative and the Upper Shannon Erne Future Economy initiative, has been established in the Northern and Western Region.


For more information visit the Interreg Trinno website