The Northern and Western Regional Assembly is crafting a vision for our region that is vibrant, connected, natural, inclusive and smart. Simply we have three clear objectives. The NWRA is working to create BETTER PLACES by adopting best practice in international spatial and economic development. Achieving COMPETITIVENESS by optimising EU and exchequer funding and harnessing the strengths of our ‘place’, through COLLABORATION.


Should we have an extra summer bank holiday to celebrate Europe Day? Brendan Mooney makes the case for on @CRC1029fm

A tourism project funded through the @AtlanticArea programme is showing off Mayo’s Greenway on a cycle route from Scandinavia to Spain. #EuroVelo1 #MadeWithInterreg #EUInMyRegion

Great to speak to Angela of ⁦@CRC1029fm⁩ yesterday about #EUInMyRegion #reghub ⁦@EUinmyRegion⁩
⁦@EU_CoR⁩ ⁦@StoryLabIRL⁩ ⁦@NWAssembly⁩ ⁦@DavidMintonDire⁩

Thanks to ⁦@CRC1029fm⁩ for giving ⁦@NWAssembly⁩ the opportunity to help promote #reghub #euinmyregion ⁦@EU_CoR⁩

An ambitious three-year project funded by the ERDF is improving the environmental sustainability of one of Ireland’s most beautiful sights. #EUInMyRegion #MadeWithInterreg #RegHub

The challenge of plastics is overwhelming at @EU_MARE #maritime @NWAssembly


Colm McColgan of @ERNACT giving a overview of their new @NPA2014_2020 project SMARCTIC @NWAssembly #smartenergy #smartregions

See how EU Funding has helped the city of Cork power up for an electric vehicle future. #MadeWithInterreg #RegHub @IrishRegions_EU @EUFunds_Ireland

Ghilian Campbell from “Welcome Armagh” welcomes the @NPA2014_2020 6th call Lead Partners to Armagh, before a busy day of project management begins. @NWAssembly


Looking forward to another interesting and productive day with the Irish Cohesion Policy Communications Team and our EU Colleagues at the INIO & INFORM Networks meeting ⁦@ESF_Ireland⁩ ⁦@EUFunds_Ireland⁩ @SouthernAssembl⁩ #euinmyregion

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Better Places

Global economic conditions and national trends in population and employment changes are impacting our regions and communities in different ways. For the first time, Ireland will have integrated and aligned Planning Policy from local, to regional, to national.


The Regional Assembly enhances the region’s competitiveness by managing the Border, Midland and Western (BMW) Regional Operational Programme 2014-202


The NWRA has a unique regional perspective. Stretching across eight counties and one city (9 local authorities), nearly 1 million people, 45,000 businesses and boasting over 65,000 3rd level students.