The Northern and Western Regional Assembly is crafting a vision for our region that is vibrant, connected, natural, inclusive and smart. Simply we have three clear objectives. The NWRA is working to create BETTER PLACES by adopting best practice in international spatial and economic development. Achieving COMPETITIVENESS by optimising EU and exchequer funding and harnessing the strengths of our ‘place’, through COLLABORATION.


Day 2 of the @EUREGAproject Interregional Knowledge exchange visit to Kuopio we are learning about the science behind the healthy Nordic Diet #EUREGAproject #EUREGAMeetsKuopio


Dr. Kati Hanhineva describing the Nordic healthy diet to the European stakeholders @SSeeryDietitian @Lisa_Galway at the 2nd day of the @EUREGAproject knowledge exchange in Kuopio Finland @DonohueElaine @podevine @NWAssembly @interregeurope

Suzanne Serry of Croi Ireland presenting at @EUREGAproject stakeholder event in Kuopio Finland @NWAssembly @DonohueElaine @podevine #EUREGAmeetsKuopio

Savona Future Food research and development unit @EUREGAproject


Harris Kokomo from @UniEastFinland giving a "Berry" interesting lecture on the Arctic diet and the importance of berries @NWAssembly @podevine @DonohueElaine @Lisa_Galway @SSeeryDietitian @EUREGAproject


Day 1 of the @EUREGAproject knowledge exchange visit in Kuopio, partners and stakeholders share good practices in relation to Health and Gastronomy #EUREGAMeetsKuopio #EUREGAproject

Lisa Corbett of @HSELive presenting at @EUREGAproject knowledge exchange in Kuopio Finland #EUREGAMeetsKuopio @NWAssembly @DonohueElaine @NWAssembly @podevi

Congrats to the worthy winners of a photo competition from the recent visit by Roscommon Convent of Mercy TY students to @MarineInst #euinmyregion @NWAssembly #womeninscience

“It’s always about the next generation ... we’ve pushed our oceans to the brink” @JohnKerry @Seafest_ie #OOWSummit19 #OurOceanWealth @atlanticmoses @AtlanticArea @NWAssembly

“The ocean can fuel, feed and heal us”
“50% of Ireland population live within 5km of the sea”
“long term planning, based on evidence is required”
@Seafest_ie @atlanticmoses @NWAssembly #OOWSummit19 #OurOceanWealth

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Better Places

Global economic conditions and national trends in population and employment changes are impacting our regions and communities in different ways. For the first time, Ireland will have integrated and aligned Planning Policy from local, to regional, to national.


The Regional Assembly enhances the region’s competitiveness by managing the Border, Midland and Western (BMW) Regional Operational Programme 2014-202


The NWRA has a unique regional perspective. Stretching across eight counties and one city (9 local authorities), nearly 1 million people, 45,000 businesses and boasting over 65,000 3rd level students.