The Northern and Western Regional Assembly (NWRA) is one of three Regional Assemblies in the Republic of Ireland. We work with key stakeholders at EU, national, regional and local level to accelerate and optimise effective regional development.

We have three inter-related functional areas, that can develop our region best

  1. BETTER PLACES  – policy making, monitoring / oversight and promoting enhanced co-ordination in our Region through the implementation of our Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy
  2. COMPETITIVENESS – optimise EU policy and funding instruments for regional / local development priorities
  3. COLLABORATION – engage with innovative research partnerships and regional based networks to accelerate priorities identified in the Regional Spatial and Economic Strategies


On Thursday, March 2, the Interreg North West project ICaRE4Farmswas presented at the Salon International de l'Agriculture 2023 in Paris.

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Minister @SimonHarrisTD today launched the €1 billion ESF+ Employment, Inclusion, Skills and Training programme, which has the fitting acronym EIST (Irish for Listen).
Cofunded by @EU_Commission 🇪🇺 & the Government of Ireland 🇮🇪
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New European Hub Digital Hub, Data2Sustain to support regional SME's in the North and West of Ireland to achieve digital transformation. In colloboration with @uniofgalway, @atu_ie , @NWAssembly, @Entirl and @IMR_ie

Factsheet 9️⃣ looks at the potential uses of #SolarThermal in the Flanders region of Belgium where hot watrer is required to mix feed for calves.

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#ERNACT Programme Manager Dr @margaretcq about #Data2Sustain @edih_net to deliver applied digital research, expertise & solutions.More:

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Join @IrishRegions_EU, @EMRAssembly, @SouthernAssembl, and @NWAssembly for the EU Funding Conference on 19/04 in #Athlone.

You will learn how to apply for funding from @INTERREG_NWE, @interregeurope, @NPA2014_2020, @AtlanticArea, & @URBACT.

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Join @IrishRegions_EU @EMRAssembly @SouthernAssembl @NWAssembly to learn how to apply for funding from @INTERREG_NWE, @interregeurope, @NPA2014_2020, @AtlanticArea & @URBACT

📍 Radisson Blu Hotel, Athlone

... to heat the buildings where the pigs are hosted. Read to find out what savings could be made over 20 years.
View all of our case studies at

Case Study 🔟. This real-life example focus on a holding set in Brittany (France). This farm currently owns a herd of 44 sows 🐷 for maternity & 264 places for post-weaning, for which it needs around 78,215 kWh of energy supply per year 1/3

Join @IrishRegions_EU @EMRAssembly @SouthernAssembl @NWAssembly to learn how to apply for funding from @INTERREG_NWE, @interregeurope, @NPA2014_2020, @AtlanticArea & @URBACT

📍 Radisson Blu Hotel, Athlone

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Better Places

Global economic conditions and national trends in population and employment changes are impacting our regions and communities in different ways. For the first time, Ireland will have integrated and aligned Planning Policy from local, to regional, to national.


The Regional Assembly enhances the region’s competitiveness by managing the Border, Midland and Western (BMW) Regional Operational Programme 2014-202


The NWRA has a unique regional perspective. Stretching across eight counties and one city (9 local authorities), nearly 1 million people, 45,000 businesses and boasting over 65,000 3rd level students.