In October 2017, the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government directed that the three Regional Assemblies commence the preparation of the Regional Spatial and Economic Strategies for their individual regions, as a replacement to the Regional Planning Guidelines (RPGs) 2010 -2022.

The Northern and Western Regional Assembly commenced a pre-draft consultation on the RSES which concluded on 16th February 2018.

Four focused stakeholder workshops were held in January and the ‘Report on Pre-Draft RSES Stakeholder Workshops January 2018 which summarises the outputs of those workshops was provided to the Elected Members of the NWRA at their February 2018 meetng and is available by clicking the link underneath.

In tandem, consultation with the statutory Environmental Bodies in respect of Environmental Scoping has been ongoing and it will inform the considerations of the Draft RSES.

On 16th February 2018 Project Ireland 2040, National Planning Framework and the National Development Plan 2018-2027 was launched in Sligo and it has largely reflected the Regional Asks that were made by the NWRA in its collaborative submission for the region. It shall inform the RSES and is available via the NPF link below.

A report on submissions received as part of the Pre Draft Consultations was agreed at the March Meeting of the NWRA and is available for download here and can be viewed online among the resource documents underneath.

Stages of RSES Preperation


There will be further opportunities for the public and all interested parties to make a submission on the next stage of the process, which shall be consideration of the Draft RSES.
The NWRA would like to thank all those that have participated in the process thus far.
(Updated 23rd February 2018)

Resource Documents

Report on Submissions

Director’s Report on Submissions

Stakeholder Workshops

Report on Pre-Draft RSES Stakeholder Workshops January 2018

RSES Scoping Report

Scoping Report

RSES Issues Paper

RSES Issues Paper

Draft NPF Submission

NWRA Draft NPF Submission Nov 2017

Issues & Choices Paper

NPF Submisson

RPG – West

Regional Planning Guidelines – West

RPG – Border

Regional Planning Guidelines – Border

Ireland 2040 Website