Draft Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy – Public Consultation

Draft Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy (RSES) – Process Update.

The Northern and Western Regional Assembly published a Draft Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy in November 2018, following significant engagement and consultations over the previous 12 months. This included the formal Pre-Draft RSES consultation that took place between November 2017 and February 2018.

The draft itself was the subject of public consultation from November 2018 until February 2019. The submissions received were considered by the Assembly at its April meeting (26/04/19) and decided to propose Material Amendments to the Draft, they also determined that SEA and AA were required in relation to the proposed Material Amendments.
The Assembly further decided on 26/07/19 to publish the Material Amendments and the SEA and AA carried out for them. The consultation period is from 4th August 2019 until 11th October 2019, (dates inclusive).
• The documents which are part of the current formal consultation process are located at the beginning of the series below.
• The Material Amendments should be read in conjunction with the Draft RSES.
• The Assembly have for convenience and information purposes only provided a Working Composite Document which shows how the Material Amendments and non-Material Amendments might be incorporated into the Draft RSES.
• The methods and opportunities to engage with the consultation processes are given in the Material Amendment Document and in the copy of the advert.
• The NWRA website contains all the documents used to inform the strategy to date and they can be viewed below.

Stages of RSES Preperation

Draft RSES

Draft RSES

Draft REGIONAL SPATIAL AND ECONOMIC STRATEGY for the Northern and Western Regional Assembly

Socio-Economic Baseline Report Part 1

Socio Economic Baseline Report Part 1

Socio Economic Baseline Report Part 2

Socio Economic Baseline Report Part 2

SEA Environmental Report

SEA Environmental Report

Flood Risk Assessment

Regional Flood Risk Assessment

Natura Impact Report

Natura Impact Report

Resource Documents

Report on Submissions

Director’s Report on Submissions

Stakeholder Workshops

Report on Pre-Draft RSES Stakeholder Workshops January 2018

RSES Scoping Report

Scoping Report

RSES Issues Paper

RSES Issues Paper

Draft NPF Submission

NWRA Draft NPF Submission Nov 2017

Issues & Choices Paper

NPF Submisson

RPG – West

Regional Planning Guidelines – West

Ireland 2040 Website

RPG – Border

Regional Planning Guidelines – Border

Implementation Roadmap for the National Planning Framework

NPF Implementation Roadmap