Trinno Project Virtual Interregional Event

Partners in the Interreg Europe co funded Trinno Project gathered this week for our first Virtual Interregional Event.

The Irish Project Partners; the NWRA and Westbic were joined by International Partners from Italy, Hungary, Slovenia and Spain. Also at the event were the Irish Local Enterprise Office Stakeholders from Leitrim, Longford, Roscommon and Cavan.

This event kicks off an additional year for the Trinno Project and looks at updating our public policies for digital innovation and COVID-19 recovery and how in particular digital innovation in traditional enterprises can help those business to address and emerge from the COVID-19 crisis. During the year, partners and stakeholders will be looking at how COVID-19 has changed business support services for digital innovation: soft-support, physical infrastructure and funding. Project partners working with the stakeholders will develop proposals for changes to public policies to further improve the way in which those policies support enterprises to address the crisis.

The virtual event provided a forum to share more examples of good practice including the successful “Look for Local” campaigns and Ireland’s trading on-line voucher scheme run by our local enterprise offices and how that scheme was adapted and improved to help SME’s deal with the covid crisis. Examples of Irish policies to promote SME engagement and to encourage companies in the traditional sector to move from basic to advanced digitalisation were also presented. Already, the project has resulted in the adaptation and successful transfer of the Trading Online Voucher Scheme to Slovenia, whilst other European good practices are being considered to assist to address COVID-19 recovery in Ireland.

The Irish stakeholders were presented with some exemplary case studies from our European colleagues including Industry 4.0, COVID and public policy in Catalonia: lessons from traditional SMEs, Experiences from Catalan SMEs and good practice examples from Tuscany Region, Heart of Slovenia and Csongrád County.

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