The bioeconomy has the potential to support regional development objectives and climate targets

  • The Northern and Western Region is uniquely positioned to capitalise on the potential of the bioeconomy
  • The region has an array of natural resources, research capabilities and sectoral specialisms that can grow the bioeconomy
  • The Bioeconomy Action Plan 2023-2025 needs to adopt a regional approach and capitalise on the region’s strengths

The Northern and Western Regional Assembly welcomes the opportunity to make this submission to the National Bioeconomy Action Plan 2023-2025. The Irish bioeconomy has the potential to deliver a more sustainable approach to economic development, providing significant opportunities to create more circular based business models, utilise waste and natural resources and generate more sustainable bio-based products and services for consumers. In doing so, the Irish bioeconomy can support the implementation of the objectives outlined in the Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy for the Northern and Western Region (RSES) and the Climate Action Plan.

The Northern and Western Regional Assembly – in Section 2 of this submission – has provided views on the questions that were posed by the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications and the Department of Agriculture, Food, and the Marine in their consultation document on the National Bioeconomy Action Plan 2023-2025. The Northern and Western Regional Assembly’s priorities for action in the bioeconomy over the next three years should be:

  • Adopt a regional approach to developing the Irish bioeconomy, with a particular focus on the Northern and Western Region.
  • Improve the funding opportunities available to businesses that wish to become more involved in the Irish bioeconomy.
  • Explore the possibility of how the tax arrangements of participants in the bioeconomy can be made more financially attractive.
  • Improve consumer awareness about the terminology and benefits of bio-based products, services, and processes, making them more visible and understandable to the general public.
  • Increase the level of resources available to Higher Education Institutes and research centres to develop courses and undertake research projects related to the bioeconomy.
  • Undertake a bioeconomy feasibility study for the Northern and Western Region, with the view of identifying and mapping areas of potential growth for the region.

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