SSMA Kick-off Workshop

The Smart and Sustainable Mobility Accelerator (SSMA) is poised to commence its Local Authority staff training track this week. With physical sessions scheduled in multiple regions, this initiative kicks off in the Southern Region on September 25th, followed by the Eastern and Midland Region on September 27th, and the Northern and Western Region on September 29th.


The SSMA programme and the Sustainable Mobility Academy, developed by BABLE Smart Cities, represent a holistic training and capacity-building workshop series designed to empower Local Authorities and Stakeholders in the execution of smart and sustainable mobility projects. At its core, the programme seeks to enhance participants’ knowledge, skills, and comprehension of sustainable and smart mobility, while fostering enhanced cross-sectoral collaboration at the grassroots level. Through immersive training sessions and access to valuable resources, local authorities will have the opportunity to identify and nurture pioneering projects, all while benefiting from invaluable peer networking and shared learning experiences. Importantly, this initiative is aligned with the National Sustainable Mobility Policy (SMP) Action Plan 2022-2025.


In each region, up to thirty participants from constituent Local Authorities and Regional Assemblies will partake in this journey. The kick-off training is comprised of dual sessions, featuring one led by a distinguished Irish expert and another delivered by a seasoned BABLE specialist, with additional time to network with fellow training members. Subsequently, participants will engage in a series of five half-day virtual training sessions, each delving into diverse and pivotal topics including:


– The Future of Mobility

– Spatial Planning for Sustainable Mobility

– Effective Behaviour Change Strategies for Mobility Transition

– Governance and Smart Policies

– Collaboration and Co-creation

– Innovative Financing and Procurement

– Evidence-Based Sustainable Transport Planning


The program will culminate in a comprehensive final conference scheduled for November 15th, which will convene all regional assemblies in person. Furthermore, ongoing mentorship sessions led by experts will be integrated into the capacity-building sessions and continue post-conference.

This training programme is spearheaded by the Southern Regional Assembly, the Eastern and Midland Regional Assembly, and the Northern and Western Regional Assembly, with support from the Department of Transport through the Pathfinder programme and from the experts at BABLE.

For additional information regarding training sessions and a wealth of resources, including use cases and forums, we invite you to visit the Sustainable Mobility Academy platform, which was officially launched on September 1st.


About Smart and Sustainable Mobility Accelerator (SSMA):

The Smart and Sustainable Mobility Accelerator (SSMA) is a pioneering initiative developed by BABLE Smart Cities. It aims to equip Local Authorities and Stakeholders with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the realm of sustainable and intelligent mobility. Through comprehensive training and mentorship, SSMA fosters cross-sectoral collaboration and supports the implementation of smart mobility projects.