NWRA Submission on the Partnership Agreement 2021-2027

A coherent approach to ERDF / ESF Operational Programmes could accelerate growth in the region. Key enablers in pursuit of this vision are priorities that make the region:


  1. More Urban – Stronger urban infrastructure through policies encouraging more compact growth and creating a built environment conducive to sustainable growth.
  2. More Smart – Smart Region will create new know-how, business and jobs by utilizing openness, digitalization and innovative partnerships. This can be developed regionally or nationally (across 3 Regional Assemblies) and tailored to enhance the green and specialised transition.
  3. More Specialised – Simultaneously, throughout our extensive consultation, and according to the regional innovation actors, increased collaboration and enhanced entrepreneurial discovery processes are essential, in order to realise the full potential of regional collaborative innovation (smart specialisation).
  4. More Green – Climate Transition is identified as a regional priority focusing on decarbonisation, circular efficiency and climate adaptation.

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