NWRA Launches EU Funding Network

We at the NWRA are tasked with driving strategic regional development. One of the strongest tools in our armory to achieve that goal is direct access to EU Funds. In the past four years alone the NWRA has supported stakeholders access innovative international partnerships to unlock over €34m worth of investment through programmes such as the Atlantic Area, Northern Periphery & Arctic and INTERREG Europe.

For this reason, we are now launching the EU Funding Network, a new network to assist Irish public bodies, NGO’s, third level colleges and businesses to avail of EU funding opportunities.

EU Programme Funding – An Overview

The EU, through its various programmes, provides funding for a broad range of projects. The funding covers many sectors such as regional development, enterprise, technology transfer, environment, tourism, employment research and the marine, and many more.

EU Programmes are financed directly from the EU’s budget. Many programmes are administered via national governments and departments. However, some are administered directly by the EU and funding is awarded following a competitive call for proposals from eligible actors in members states.

It is these competitive programmes that the NWRA EU Funding Network will provide support and assistance towards.  Successful applicants receive grants to implement an agreed work programme that contribute to the implementation of EU policy.

Significant grant support at rates of up to 100% is available for qualifying projects. Most EU Programmes require projects to form and operate via an interregional partnership of actors from three or more member states. EU funding presents a great opportunity to get involved in projects where expertise, experiences and methods used in other countries can be learned from, new solutions developed to common challenges or test and pilot new approaches.

EU Programmes run in seven-year cycles with the current programme period (2021 – 2027) commencing the rollout of their operational programmes. In this respect it is timely that the regions stakeholders maximise the opportunity to avail of the significant levels of funding available to further their capabilities, and delivery of strategy.

EU Funding Success Stories

We are delighted to have many regional EU funding success stories to prove the benefit of this crucial funding to regional development. Projects like the IT Sligo ‘EMPORIA4KT’ project, that received funds through the Atlantic Area to explore new business opportunities from the marine economy but also exploring ways of sustainably managing our ocean resources.

Another great regional example is the Atlantic on Bike project which promotes a pan-European cycling route ‘EuroVelo’ along the Wild Atlantic Way.

The DEVISE Project (NPA), led by ERNACT in Donegal, is another example of a project which stimulates the digitalisation of the regional SME base to drive productivity, competitiveness and resilience in the indigenous manufacturing sector and related sectors such as Agri-engineering, marine and renewables.

EU Funding Network FAQs

Who Is It For?

This network is designed to support organisations who are eligible to participate in EU funded projects and programmes.

Such organisations include Local Authorities, Public Bodies, NGO’s, Third Level Colleges, Industry Bodies such as Chambers of Commerce, and in certain cases private businesses.

What’s Involved?

  • To facilitate remote working, the network will be fully online.
  • Regular webinars will be provided on EU Funding competitive calls primarily focused on the Atlantic Area Programme, Northern Periphery & Arctic Programme, Interreg Europe, North West Europe and ESPON / URBACT.
  • Sign-up to the EU Funding Network mailing list to get webinar invitations and to stay abreast of key EU Funding announcements.

Why Join?

  • Accessing EU funds and grants can be a challenge for the most experienced practitioner. The NWRA EU Funding network will provide support in accessing funding, preparing applications and managing grants through our new EU Network.
  • The EU Funding Network will keep you updated on EU Funding Calls and Announcements
  • The EU Funding Network will support you to respond and apply to EU Funding Calls with informative and relevant webinars and workshops
  • The network will build your capacity to be successful in securing EU funding and grants, and also share your expertise with us.

EU Funding Network Launch Webinar

Save The Date: The first EU Funding Network webinar takes place on March 28th 2022.