Local Authority EU Funding Strategy & Network

The new EU Budget has been adopted (Multi-Annual Financial Framework) for the period of 2021-2027. This six year cycle sets a new suite of EU Funding Programme(s) that are available to local and regional authorities. Most of these programmes will commence ‘Call for Funds’ in 2022.

In advance of that, we have considered how best to support individual local authorities to access these schemes, be it for knowledge transfer or financial support. The NWRA has supported constituent stakeholders access over €40m worth of funding through ETC programems during 2014-2020. We are conscious that not each and every local authority has the resources for a dedicated EU unit or even staff member to concentrate solely in this space. The NWRA is also not equipped to work on a solely 1:1 basis.

With that, and in consultation with your colleagues, we are offering a service to develop a 5-6 year EU fund strategy. This strategy would be a framework to concentrate available resources on targeted EU Programmes.

Download our brochure outlining the initiative

The suggested methodology (for agreement), would be:

  1. Presentation / short workshop to identify high level priorities – 2 hours – with Senior Mgt / Staff
  2. Workshop with key staff from selected priority areas – 2/3 hours – key divisional staff.
  3. Publication of EU Fund Strategy* (this can be agreed)

The above will be tailored to what suits you and your team but is a concise draft outline. Our consultants (First Western) will be assisting us in the process. In addition, a region-wide Network will be established to support practitioners in this space over the next six years. This network will support each other in making applications, bid writing and project implementation.