Smart City Bootcamp

There is an increasing trend at EU and national public policy level towards ‘Greener’ and ‘Smarter’ practices. One commonality between these two pillars is the application of innovative technology.

David Minton, Director with the NWRA said that ‘policy and funding is shifting towards Smart City principles and we would like to make sure our Smart Region (Smart City+Smart Rural) has the full capability to take advantage of opportunities associated with regeneration and disruptive technology funds’.

At the Smart Cities Bootcamp, the NWRA is looking at taking a deep dive into technical advancements and future-thinking that will lead the next generation of urban & rural development. The programme is open to all but we will be collaborating closely with the Atlantic Economic Corridor (AEC).

Tomás O’Siochain, CEO, WDC said the Bootcamp is a great opportunity for the AEC in its development as the course is a blend of ‘practical exposure and learning’ focused on new technologies and their application to the built environment and place making.

The 3 Day intensive Bootcamp aims to collect senior personnel around a discussion on how the growth of future and smart cities & towns will influence construction, transportation, public policy, manufacturing, and the environment.

Learning about innovative technology and hearing from leaders in IoT, transportation, energy, health and public safety, artificial intelligence and data analytics.

3 Days 3 Cities will take stakeholders to Dublin, Leuven and Ghent exploring new and innovative practices in Smart Cities / Smart Town practices.

More information can be found on or contacting Marie Moriarty –